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Year 7 Catch-up funding

Our approach is to use the Catch-up funding is based on the research and advice from HM Government:

The DFE provides additional funding to schools for each Year 7 student who has not achieved a scale score of 100 in reading and/or Maths at Key Stage 2. All state-funded schools receive funding for each Year 7 student who had not achieved a score of at least 100 in reading and/or Maths at Key Stage 2. This funding is not ring-fenced, however there is an expectation that students are given the support required to ensure they are more likely to succeed ‘at secondary school’.

Below is a summary of:

  • Our funding allocation for the current academic year
  • Details of how we intend to spend our allocation
  • Details of how we spent our previous year’s allocation
  • How last year’s allocation made a difference to the attainment of the pupils who benefit from the funding.

2018-2019 Year 7 Catch-up - £20939 allocated

Action Detail
Additional numeracy 5 students are receiving additional numeracy. This is being delivered individually and in groups as 30 minutes lessons and in form time.
Cued spelling 22 students are receiving “Cued spelling” as a literacy intervention consisting of 1 hour per week in groups of 3.
Speech and Language Therapy 3 students are receiving Speech and Language Therapy.
Reading 13 students are receiving 1:1 reading sessions 4 days a week during form time.
Literacy Intervention 11 students receiving additional literacy in small groups 2 periods per week.

2017-2018 Year 7 Catch-up - £15 800 received


Action (cost) Detail Outcome

Catch-up reading programme


  • We envisage 15 pupils being eligible to receive the Catch Up intervention.
  • Individual weekly 30 minute reading intervention with a trained member of staff.
Students made an average of 15 months reading progress in the 9 month programme.

Primary School intervention


  • Maths and English teachers teach lessons in July of Year 6 to improve literacy and numeracy.
Percentage of students meeting their target grades in Maths and English improved by 33% and 43% respectively.

Nurture Class


  • 15 students are currently being taught together in Maths, English and Science.
  • Extra literacy and numeracy provided by Deputy SENCO.

Improvement in student meeting targets are as follows:

  • Maths  22%
  • English 31%
  • Science 20%